somewhere over the rainbow

long time no see, bloggerinos! September is halfway through and I've been a busy little rainbow-srtiped bee. 


I guess that makes another unintentional hiatus for The Ocean! for those of you who may have recently started to check in on my little slice of internet, I'd like to tell you this kind of abrupt absence is uncommon... but I'd be lying. this is real life, people. sometimes sleep > the internet.


this past week two of our friends from Newfoundland came to stay and explore the Big Apple. between hosting, sightseeing, and regular life stuff, there hasn't been a whole lot of time for the blogosphere! it was a hectic week, but an enjoyable one.


on the weekend all four of us spent a gleeful afternoon in Coney Island, wandering the boardwalk and getting slingshotted into the air and whatnot. Brandon hates rides, so with Andrew and Janet here I finally got to try some out! specifically, the new roller coaster- the thunderbolt- and the giant slingshot thing where they rocket you into the big blue sky. we also had Nathan's hot dogs and pizza from L&B Spumoni Gardens. Coney Island, I tell ya!

dress + shoes- Modcloth // bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs // sunglasses- vintage via Brooklyn Flea

of course a day spent in the brightness of the boardwalk and amusement parks lends itself to an equally colourful outfit, so I went with a rainbow dress and funky accessories. I discovered that this dress is something of an eye-catcher, for better or worse... at the Freak Show I got pulled on stage not once, but twice to be the assistant- they lit a fire with my tongue because I'm magical- so I'm basically employed there now. then later at dinner the performer pointed me out and talked to me while singing. as someone who doesn't feel much like an attention-grabber, this dress made me feel quite noticeable! 

to top it all off, that very same evening my parents surprised me and met us in Manhattan! they just showed up. I couldn't believe that a) they came all the way from Canada for one day to see us, and b) Brandon could keep a secret. all in all it was a pretty ridiculous day! 

there is lots more to say and there are lots more pictures to share, but that's enough for my little "welcome back" post. thank you for youe continuing patronage to my little internet world! please come again.

(when this all became a restaurant, I don't know... sometimes these posts get away from me.)

come and stay a while...

it's no secret that since moving to the Big Apple Brando and I have been running a sort of cultural exchange program; meaning, basically, that we have frequent visitors from far and wide. and I love it!  not only does it bring temporary roommates to hang out with, but it gives me an excuse to go out and explore this big beautiful city some more. 

in August we were lucky enough to have two sets of visitors and tons of great weather, so I spent a lot of time galavanting around NYC and eating pizza. (the pizza is a big tourist attraction.) here are some pictures from our recent friend-time adventures... 


I'll never get sick of visiting Central Park, or walking the Brooklyn Bridge. or of the pizza, of course. 
more friends are coming in just two days, and I can't wait!

so if you're looking to come to New York at some point... hit me up. take advantage. we'll eat food and play bingo. you'll love it.