the hap-happiest season of all

it's that time of year again!
the most wonderful time, obviously, but also probably the busiest time. I believe the term "hustle and bustle" has been thrown about.

I've been giving myself a break on the whole "MUST BLOG SO MUCH" attitude based on the fact that time is basically a vacuum in December and I've been too tired to function. when I'm not passing out on my amazing new Ikea rug (surrounded by tangled ribbon and rolls of wrapping paper), I'm off trying to soak up all the Christmasy goodness the Big Apple has to offer.

Christmasy goodness exhibit A: the Rockefeller Christmas tree.


isn't it the most beautifulest thing you ever sawed?!
I keep expecting Kevin's mom to show up and hug me. why she would hug me, when I am not Kevin, I'm not sure, but the holiday brain works in mysterious ways.

I can't believe we are in the single digits! only nine days to Christmas, b'ys. it's gettin' hella merry and bright up in here.

little bit of this, little bit of that

you guys, it's December!
December. the happiest month of them all!

although you'd never guess it was "let it snow" season with the mild weather here. and no, I'm not complaining. it's just weird to go outside in December wearing only a light sweater.

well...and bottoms, of course. and shoes and stuff. I'm not a total nutbag.

skirt- Zara // top- H&M // jacket- Modcloth // scarf- American Apparel // sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

I call this outfit "season confusion" because it looks like springtime and feels like fall. 
this scarf is majorly cozy. 
this may be the last of my flowery pastels for a while, because now it's time to dress for Christmas! so winter, even if it isn't. quite. yet. is it winter? I know technically winter is on Dec. 21st, but come on. December should be winter.
are you guys ready for this?  


hey, who's that totally cool chick with the heart-shaped glasses?
oh, I dunno. just someone. 

23 short days till Christmas! can you believe it? I've already got most of my shopping and gift-wrapping done; that's what happens when you have to mail everything to a different country. but I feel like that just spreads out the holiday cheer a little longer! this Christmas might be the chillest one yet. 

tomorrow, though, will probably be crazy. we're going to check out the tree lighting at Rockefeller Centre. crowds much? 
my goal is to get out of there without punching a child in the face. 
those little buggers hog all the Christmasy goodness. 
it's not my fault I'm 27. time is a cruel mistress.