a solar system that fits in your eye

well I guess that's yet another weekend disappeared into oblivion. wooosh.
I swear, if I stopped to think about how terrifyingly fast this year is going by, I'd be an emotional wreck. I mean, more than I already am about life in general... do you ever feel keenly and freakishly aware of the absurdity of time and the shortness of life?
cause I do, and that shiz is not for the faint of heart.

but, instead of slipping into an existential exploration of the chaos of the universe, let's talk about pretty clothes!
segues, who needs 'em!

skirt- Zara // top + earrings- gift // bag- vintage // shoes- Modcloth // 

this lilac-hued skirt was the first purchase in my ongoing quest to have more midi skirts. it's the perfect shape and length- not to flimsy, not too poofy- , the colour is delightful, and it has pockets. it was on mega-sale at Zara, and I was so excited! the one flaw? it's linen. 
what? who even wears pure linen anymore? that stuff wrinkles if you breathe at it. 
so goes the price for the perfect shade of lilac.


I was feeling sick and kind of blue all weekend, which probably contributed to the moody contemplation of the passage of time. I feel like I didn't get to do anything, fun or otherwise, so they were kind of wasted days. and nothing feels worse than wasting time when I could be out enjoying life in this big, beautiful city!

but illness will have its day, and lucky for me its day was just after I got the chance to go to the Brooklyn Flea (yet again) and walk around Fort Greene. I got hot sauce and a spiffy new purse! so the weekend wasn't a total bust.

so, happy Monday! here's hoping that time is miraculously slowed and causes next weekend to last much longer. 

grey skies are gonna clear up

I love a good rainy day once in a while. the temperature is nice, everything is quieter, and I get to use a prop in my photo shoots. 

it seems I'm sticking with the 70s theme this week. and lucky for me, there's a classic VW camper van parked in front of our building; the perfect backdrop to a boho-traveller type outfit. 

dress- vintage // boots- Sam Edelman via Modcloth // belt- American Apparel // earrings- St. John's gift shop, somewhere on Water St.

after seeing these pictures I changed into a wider belt, which made the waist more defined and the whole dress a little less "billowy sack." but, billowy sack or no, I love this dress; it's comfortable and makes me feel like I'm in a touring folk-rock band. which again, fits with the 70s theme. 

now if you'll excuse me, I clearly have to take up learning the banjo...