autumn musings

time for the obligatory fall goodness blog post.
this past weekend Brando, a couple friends, and I voyaged to the mysterious land they call New Jersey, to a little farm that offered pumpkin-picking and other stereotypical fall festivities. we found pumpkins to carve, ate apple cider donuts, and of course took many obligatory "I'm so into autumn!" pictures.

I've been feeling sick all week, but I've had the memories of the weekend to brighten my spirits.
I know that's really cheesy, but as the month draws to a close it's nice to know I did at least one memorable, autumnal thing!


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keep your cool

holla bloggerinos, it's the weekend! time for doing laundry and eating cheeseburgers and watching The Walking Dead. it's a strange and magical time of the week. I hope you are all enjoying it.

t-shirt- gift // jacket + shorts- Modcloth // boots + bag(gift)- Aldo // sunnies- Urban Outfitters

don't lie, you know this shirt is amazing and you wish you had one yourself. 
I could add several things to this accurate list... like bread. pizza. burritos. beef jerky. depending on my mood, just about anything could make this list. #truth.

this is my interpretation of "casual cool." I always find myself longing to be the type of effortless chic that looks killer in slouchy tops or boyfriend jeans. unfortunately I seem to wind up more frumpy than fab, hence the tendency to stick with full skirts and waist-cinching dresses. but here I am, wearing a t-shirt and shorts and feeling pretty darn good about it! all cool 'n stuff, right down to the heart-shaped shades. 


...what a masterful piece of writing this post was. 
oh well. whatever keeps you coming back. (if you even are coming back..)
stay cool, kittens. happy weekend. xo