she talks like june

I guess now it's Labor Day weekend?

well, even though I feel like the summer swooshed by me so fast that it made my head spin and my eyes go googly like in an old-timey cartoon, I'm looking forward to fall. not that September will really be very autumnal, but the temperatures will start to drop and the craziness will start to slow down. soon enough I'll get to wear tights again!

but, not yet. I still have summer-ish plans; to go swimming some more, to visit Montauk, ride the new roller coaster at Coney Island, maybe even to take a short road trip. summer lives on in your hearts, people.

dress- Modcloth(still crazy on sale!) // boots- thrifted // bag- vintage // belt- old // fleur-de-lis earrings- Bueno Style

I feel like it should be on a blooper reel-type post, but I kind of like that picture of me making an annoyed face! I think I look sassy. so I used it. bam!

I've dubbed this look "urban cowgirl," not realizing till just now how much it sounds like a sexual position. but we mustn't be afraid of using the word cowgirl in other contexts, people! you may think that I'm basing that outfit title solely on my choice of footwear- cowboy boots, doi- but I think this dress has a bit of a rockabilly vibe to it as well. florals and gingham and lace? just call me Annie Oakley!

actually I'd prefer Calamity Jane because she was more outrageous and friends with Wild Bill, but I'm basing that perception solely on my deep-rooted love for Deadwood. 

but check out the neckline on this dress! so cute I can't stand it.


Brando and I snapped these pictures as the sun was setting in Williamsburg. I have to say, while many New Yorkers seem to have this impression of Williamsburg as being pretentious and obnoxiously hipster, it's one of my favourite neighbourhoods. there's an endless supply of amazing restaurants, the cheapest movie theatre we've found in the city, and our favourite movie-themed bar. plus, it's really easy to get there on the J train.

if you happen to live in/near NYC, or are just visiting and want to check out the origins of the modern hipster, here are my fave Williamsburg establishments so far! (click "read more")

all for you

lately I've been re-discovering my passion for Etsy, and my near-daily browsing had lead to some serious wardrobe envy.

I have two qualms with vintage dress shopping; the first is that it has gotten unreasonably expensive. when I first started buying vintage, I remember most dresses were around $40-$60. I thought that was fair; pay about $50 for a regular, new dress, or $60 for a more unique one. now most vintage frocks cost closer to $100+. I get that they're kind of "in" now, and that they're like forty years old... but then, they're like forty years old

anyway, the second issue I have is that most of the dresses are made for women of a much more svelte figure. the further you get from a 25-inch waist, the fewer options you have. whenever my eyes drift over an exquisite example of classic fashion design, I instantly prepare myself for heartache, since most likely it would only fit me as a sleeve alone. 

but my loss is your gain! (well, technically my gain is your gain, if you get my meaning...)
because I've curated for you a dream closet of Etsy finds that will have you looking vintage fabulous through all seasons. I can't fit into most of these pictures of sartorial perfection, but maybe you can! (skinny bitches...)

....and if you aren't absolutely in love with that last dress yet, look at it up close!
now that's a Christmas dress if I e'er did see one.

so go. shop. enjoy your small waists and slender build. be the envy of all your friends. 
oh, and if you buy one of these, let me know! and send me a pic. 
not to be creepy or anything, just 'cause I think that would be fun. I've developed a sort of relationship with these unattainable dresses, and it would be nice to know they went to a good home.