the great indoors

I'm trying to get out of my October rut this week. I'm going to get out and do things! I'm attending trivia nights, going to work parties, planning a pumpkin patch trip. I don't want another beautiful month to have gone by with no stories to tell. the only obstacle is trying to overcome the urge to just stay home and nap and cuddle my cat and watch old sitcoms... 

it's so tempting.

but if I leave my house, there's usually coffee or beer as a reward. so there's that. it's a close race.

Breathtaking Tiger Lillies skirt in Stem Green
skirt- Modcloth // shirt- // belt- American Apparel // ankle boots- Aldo (old)

I have a feeling I'll be making good use of this skirt for the next few months. it's such a lovely shape and colour. the shade of green is perfect for fall and winter outfits- I've already got a holiday one planned around it- and it looks so crisp and vibrant paired with jewel tones like this purple shirt. 
and it has pockets!

now I just need a little petticoat to wear underneath to give it a little oomph and keep it from sticking to my tights. petticoats for all!


well, I'm off to venture out of my apartment. I've promised myself a maple latte if I go out and do something, and that's as far as I've gotten. it's going to be amazing.
so long, rut!
to the outside world!

true colours

today's post features a couple of my favourite things; fall foliage and a vintage dress. Brandon and I had no plans on Sunday so we made the trek down to Prospect Park to see if the leaves had changed. I haven't made it to the park in a while, and it was nice to get out amongst the flora and fauna (aka squirrels) and take in the scenery. it still doesn't feel cold here to me, so it was a perfect time to look for changing leaves and autumn colours. 

dress- vintage // belt- Mango // boots- Seychelles via Modcloth // bag- Aldo (old!)

I don't have a lot else to say at the moment! life has been pretty calm and uneventful in October. I love fall but it always seems to go by too fast; soon the leaves will all be gone and I'll be hiding outfits under wool coats like the rest of Brooklyn already is. and Halloween is coming up! does it make me sound old and lame to say that Halloween has become more of a hassle than an excitement?


who knows, maybe that's what fall is for; sleepy afternoon strolls through the park, maple lattes (yes please), and naps under cozy blankets after all of that. is autumn the lazy season? or am I just lazy?

these are the questions that occupy my philosophical mind, you see. 
it's what happens when you watch too much Frasier in a row.


happy autumn, everyone! I wish you many colourful leaves and fall-flavoured lattes.